This spa packages are aimed at awakening vitality, restoration and rejuvenation.

Feel like a queen!

Royal care – 3 h 30 min, 2300 UAH

  • Full body scrub (client’s choice)
  • Body mask (client’s choice)
  • Face lifting massage
  • Teatime
  • Balinese massage / Stone therapy (client’s choice)
  • Foot massage

Natural cosmetic products and the technique for their application, as well as an attentive massage will give you incomparable pleasure.
Each element of the relaxing formula brings value to your soul and body.
This spa package is aimed at awakening vitality, restoration and rejuvenation. First, you will enjoy deep cleansing with a scrub made from natural ingredients. Then we will delight your skin with a nourishing, moisturizing wrap. Afterwards, a face lifting massage awaits you. A cup of elite tea, rich in vitamins, will help you relax. The treatment concludes with a full body relaxation massage and acupressure foot massage.

Silky skin – 2 h 30 min, 1700 UAH

  • Scrub (client’s choice)
  • Body mask (client’s choice)
  • Balinese massage

We have created an excellent package program designed for your skin, which includes cosmetic body treatments plus a relaxing massage.
Body scrub for cleansing and toning up. This treatment is designed to make you admire your body. After the session, you get to enjoy a velvety peach-like skin.
Nourishing mask. We use various natural masks of your choice, which moisturize your skin, soothe irritation, and promote natural recovery.
A relaxing body massage. Relieves stress, helps relax and resolve long-standing issues. More accurately, some of those issues will take a back seat and evaporate as unwanted of their own accord. And as for the rest of them, you will be able to resolve them easily, because you will look at them from a different angle and find a way.

Slim body – 2 h, 1400 UAH

  • Slimming massage
  • (Laminaria) body wrap

This spa package allows you to improve your shape. It helps improve the contours and increase skin elasticity. Laminaria will remove toxins, improve metabolic processes of your body, and let you forget about cellulite for a long time in a few sessions.
A beautiful body is like a sculpture, there is nothing superfluous about it. And we are not talking about 90-60-90 standards here. We are talking about a beautiful toned body a woman is pleased to be in, a body that others admire.
Fat burning cream + a special technique are two tools with which massage therapists return the natural aesthetics of the figure. Certainly, massage is nowhere near relaxing treatments. This is a deep dynamic version, with special attention being paid to problem areas. However, you will enjoy these invigorating sensations. After all, behind them is the main surprise - a beautiful silhouette and a healthy skin. It’s like that feeling you get after a good workout, the body responds with a joyful state. The final touch of this spa package is a firming body cream.

Relaxation – 2 h, 1300 UAH

  • Balinese massage / Thai massage (client’s choice)
  • Head massage / Foot massage (client’s choice)

Are you familiar with such a state when you completely surrender to a calm stay of yourself in your body?
Thoughts do not swarm in the head, there are distractions, the mind is calm, you feel joy and begin to radiate light energy.
And at the same time your body is cleansed and filled with beauty and youth.

We offer 120 minutes of relaxation, which will allow you to walk through life with incredible ease and joy.
Our massage therapists not only honor all the traditions of the national Balinese and Thai massage, they perform techniques in a very special way. Each of their movements is filled with love for you - it is difficult to describe in words, you need to feel it for yourself. Massage sets you up for positive thoughts, and then you stop thinking entirely - you focus on the sensations.

This harmonious state can’t be duly described with words.

It must be experienced in person!



A Journey to Bali – 4 h 30 min, 2800 UAH

  • Full body scrub (client’s choice)
  • Body mask (client’s choice)
  • Balinese massage / Stone therapy (client’s choice)
  • Teatime
  • Face lifting massage
  • Head massage
  • Foot reflexology
  • Teatime

An unforgettable Journey to the island of Bali, also called the "Island of the Gods", awaits you. After all, the most divine is gathered in this magical place, where from ancient times to the present day the most diverse and vibrant rituals have taken place. SPA Ritual is a unique natural, holistic and effective set of wellness treatments that will deeply cleanse the body tissues of toxins, open subtle channels, bring vitality and increase strength.

The journey consists of several stages. The ritual begins with a pleasant and effective combination of deep cleansing and moisturizing of the skin through scrub peeling and a full body wrap mask. It is followed by a massage session, where continuous wave-like movements of the therapist’s hands all over the body, from the feet to the top of the head, with long strokes reaching the deep muscles, will balance all energy meridians. Afterwards there will be a stop for some candlelit teatime.

Further on, the Journey will lead you to the very heart of Bali, where you will discover the ancient Balinese face lifting massage.

The final stop on this magical Journey will bring you ease of movement, well-being and bliss to the whole body with head and acupressure foot massage.

SPA Ritual will realize your dreams of traveling, discovering distant horizons, where the soul and body return to the roots of relaxation and rest!