Traditional Balinese massage - is a full body massage that relieves tension and improves sleep.

Traditional Balinese massage is performed based on ancient Balinese techniques enveloped in delightful aromas of essential oils. It carries the deepest wisdom and understanding of the laws of energy movement through the human body. Massage combines several techniques at once: aromatherapy, classic massage, acupressure, facial massage, Ayurveda.

Gentle relaxing strokes alternate with active kneading of muscles and pressure on biologically active points of the body. This massage works through the muscles of the whole body, from head to toe. At the end of the ritual - a relaxing head and face massage, which will provide oxygen flow and activate the body's hidden resources. As a result this massage brings complete relaxation, a sense of harmony and a brightened mood. Massage relieves pain, works through the spine and joints, improves blood circulation, leaves you feeling energized and optimistic, and naturally gives invaluable minutes of pleasure spent alone with oneself.

Intensity level is determined at client’s request. We recommend a 10-15 treatment course with a 2-3 day interval.

The cost of treatment for 1 person:

60 min 90 min 120 min
900 UAH 1100 UAH 1250 UAH


Traditional Balinese four hands massage:

The cost of treatment for 1 person:

60 min 90 min 120 min
1600 UAH 2000 UAH 2300 UAH


(ages 4 to 10)

Oil massage for children aged 4 to 10 is carried out with a low intensity and very gentle technique. It is beneficial for the physical and emotional well-being of the child. Has a positive impact on the immune, nervous, circulatory, endocrine, skeletal, and digestive systems of the child's body.

The cost of treatment for 1 person:

30 min 45 min 60 min 90 min
400 UAH 550 UAH 650 UAH 800 UAH