Japanese Shiatsu massage impacts on acupuncture points, restoring free flow of energy in the body.

Japanese Shiatsu massage is one of the oldest methods of treatment in oriental medicine. This is a method of needleless impact on acupuncture points and energy meridians in the body.

This massage is based on teachings, according to which, the vital energy of Qi moves inside the body through special energy channels, along the nerves, through the blood vessels and lymphatic paths. Disruption of the free movement of energy is the main cause of any disease.

Massage therapist, applying soft pressure, works through energy channel points, restoring free flow of energy in the body. Thus, the disease itself and its cause are eliminated. Passive exercises resembling yoga poses, stretching, opening of the joints are used as well.

Shiatsu brings the body to a “soft” state, restores its mobility and elasticity, relieves muscle deformities and spasms, harmonizes the nervous system, and automatically normalizes numerous processes of the body.

The cost of treatment for 1 person:

60 min 90 min 120 min
900 UAH 1100 UAH 1250 UAH