Anti-cellulite Slimming massage stimulates cellular metabolism, improves elasticity and restores the natural glow and strength of the skin.

The true beauty of a woman is manifested in her inner state, in her feeling herself beautiful and loved! Anti-cellulite slimming massage will be an excellent step towards beauty and perfection of your body and skin.

This is an intense dynamic massage, in which special attention is paid to problem areas. Our massage therapists will give you a slimming massage using special firming cream that will make your skin resilient, toned and moisturized. If done regularly, this massage eliminates cellulite, prevents its reappearance and reduces body fat, making your body toned and slim.

We recommend a 10-15 treatment course with a 2-3 day interval in combination with laminaria (seaweed) wrap.

The cost of treatment for 1 person:

30 min 45 min 60 min 90 min
550 UAH 800 UAH 1000 UAH 1250 UAH