This amazing treatment will not only calm the tense muscles of the head and body, but also bring calm to the mind, giving a feeling of harmony and peace.

Shirodhara is an ancient treatment for restoring inner and outer beauty. It combines two elements:

  • traditional Balinese massage that helps relieve tension in the muscles of the body and head, helps you relax;
  • and the effect of a slowly flowing stream of warm sesame oil on certain points of the head (the third eye area) along with a head massage.

This procedure brings mind-body-soul balance, removes nervous tension and negative emotions, provides a feeling of total bliss.

Shirodhara rejuvenates the skin and soul, helps relax and brighten the mind, brings calm, giving a sense of harmony.

The cost of treatment for 1 person:

30 min head, neck, shoulder and arms massage + 30 min Shirodhara

60 min traditional Balinese massage + 30 min Shirodhara

90 min traditional Balinese massage + 30 min Shirodhara

1350 UAH 1550 UAH 1700 UAH