A special relaxing massage, Facial Scrub and Mask, will give the skin wonderful softness, hydration and nourishing minerals and amino acids it needs.

Scrub: Gommage Lulur Lotus / Frangipani

Gommage Lulur, consisting of rice powder and coconut, gives a remarkable softness to the skin while enveloping it in the delicate aroma of Lotus and Frangipani flowers with their calming properties.

Massage: Green Tea / Ginger

Oil is rich in antioxidant - vitamin E, and therefore rejuvenates and tones your skin, and also gives a feeling of comfort and soothes with a warm, delicious aroma.

Mask: Honey with Rose and Ginger for face and body

Given its therapeutic properties, owing to minerals, vitamins and amino acids, honey heals, nourishes and softens the skin. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin, Honey Mask moisturizes while also cleansing the pores.

Moisturizing: Shea Butter Lotus / Frangipani

Owing to an original and priceless recipe, Shea butter, packed with vitamins, enriched with natural essences of Lotus and Frangipani flowers, deeply nourishes the skin and improves tissue structure.

The cost of treatment for 1 person:

60 min 1200 UAH